Lewis Tatem
Acting Mission Director
USAID Jordan

For more than twenty years, Lewis Tatem has been applying the tools of economic analysis as an advisor, manager and leader. From 1989 until 1995, Mr. Tatem was an Economist at the Federal Trade Commission, where he advised the Commission on the competitive consequences of mergers and other activities of firms.  The FTC gave him his first exposure to international development work, where in 1995 he lived and worked in the former Soviet Union as the Competition Advisor to the Governments of Latvia and Lithuania.  

Mr. Tatem left federal service from 1995 until 1998 to work at MITRE (which later became Mitretek Systems) as a consultant to federal, state and non-profit organizations.  He returned to the former Soviet Union in the summer of 1998, when he joined USAID to focus on financial sector and fiscal reform in the Central Asia Republics.  His portfolio later expanded to include business and economics education and economic policy for the region.  

Mr. Tatem managed programs in all five Central Asia Republics and lived in the region for more than seven years.  He served as a Private Sector Advisor and Senior Economist for the USAID Central Asia Regional Mission and became the Deputy Country Representative to the Kyrgyz Republic in 2005.  

From 2007 to 2009, Mr. Tatem served in Iraq as the Director of the Capacity Building Office; the Deputy Team Leader for the North Babil Province embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team and the USAID Representative in the Kurdistan Regional Reconstruction Team. From 2009 until 2011, Mr. Tatem was the Chief of the Market Transition Division of USAID’s Europe and Eurasia Bureau in Washington, DC.  His last assignment was in Haiti, where he was the Chief of the Economic Growth and Agricultural Development Office of USAID/Haiti from 2011 until July  2014.

Mr. Tatem received his B.A. from Columbia College, Columbia University and earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University.